Headaches are one of the most common types of pain and one of the most frequent causes of presentation to physicians and clinics. They are also known as cephalgias and may present as isolated phenomena, or can be seen as a symptom of a variety of acute or chronic diseases. Three-fourths of all adults experience … Continue reading Headaches


Massage/Bodywork is an integral part of recovery and balance in any workout program. It increases circulation in muscles and joints to help relieve inflammation, stagnant body fluids and metabolic waste, which in turn helps to speed up recovery and creates a positive state of mind. Bodywork also helps to resolve postural imbalances such as tight … Continue reading Recovery

Acupuncture combined with spinal Tui Na for treatment of primary dysmenorrhea in 30 cases.

Primary dysmenorrhea, occurs when symptoms are not attributed to any underlying disorder, disease or structural abnormality of the uterus. And can be treated with Tui Na & Acupuncture.

Treatment of 76 cases of acute lumbar sprain in athletes by Tuina plus acupuncture



Common forms of Asian Bodywork that are utilized today in the US include Chinese Tui Na , Japanese Shiatsu , Chinese Anmo, and various derivatives known as reflexology.