Walk It Off

With all the areas available to enjoy the outdoors its a wonder why we don't spend more time doing so. Walking allows us to burn off extra calories, take in some fresh air, move blood and oxygen through our limbs after long bouts of inactivity, clear our minds, destress and it doesn't cost anything. It … Continue reading Walk It Off

Positive Thinking

Words and thoughts that you use to express yourself paint an image of things to come. If a person thinks about and verbalizes themselves in a positive light they tend to be successful. The reverse holds true for negativity. Previous experiences and labels make us feel that this is who we are today. Take a … Continue reading Positive Thinking

Imagine That!

As an athlete, you can create and direct your own performance. Introduce positive images, pictures, or music into your mind as a model for your actions. Your central nervous system will accept them as real and your body will respond to them. What you conceive you will achieve. Positive images may be different for everyone. … Continue reading Imagine That!