As the benefits of integrated medicine are becoming more familiar it has become apparent that, to change a condition for the better, the entire person must be addressed. At Tabares Active Health, we offer a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to prevention, identification and improvement of health issues. Patients benefit from a combination of Eastern and Western modalities that assist in building the health and resistance of the body.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine : Facilitate the body’s innate healing abilities with benefits that range from increased immunity and pain alleviation to mood moderation and accelerated healing.

Asian Bodywork : Tuina (Chinese clinical manual therapy), ease of motion returns to athletes and injuries.

Nutrition : Whole food nutrition and supplementation are the foundations on which the body is built.

Personal Training : Fitness and therapeutic exercise develop the body, mind and spirit while providing countless other benefits.

For more info about how holistic living through Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Exercise and Functional Nutrition can help optimize your health, contact George Tabares L.Ac. at 619.723.6705 or George@TabaresActiveHealth.com


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